Business owners and HR Professionals: This one is for you! View in browser  
Multi-award winning HR Guru in Dubai

Business owners and HR Professionals: This one’s for you!
Do you ever struggle with answering these questions

• How can you find and recruit the right employees?
• How can you identify your employee's strengths and weaknesses?
• How can you ensure that your employees have the skills to do their work?
• How do you help your employees find meaning from the work that they do?

If you find yourself nodding as you read these questions in your head, then keep going. Dave Ulrich, a multi-award winning thought leader in the HR space, is coming to Dubai for a one-day, high-powered management seminar.

His course, specifically designed for business challenges within the Middle East, will delve into detail stemming from 4 key thoughts:

1: While competitors may be able to replicate products and technologies, which from a certain angle may be seen as flattering, they certainly cannot imitate the lifeblood of any organisation: it’s people.

2. An audit of your talent pool, coupled with a talent management model, is a necessary element of all successful businesses.

3. People make an organisation; it is only logical then, that people also make up an organisation’s culture. You may have heard terms like values, attitudes and behaviour being tossed around. And while these terms are grounded in academia that can’t be refused, it is also clear that at the heart of each element of an organisation’s culture, remains it’s people.

4. Leadership & HR, like any other field within business, has it’s trends. If you’re not a leader, then you’re a follower.

While Dave is certainly a strategist, the cornerstone of this seminar is how to take your strategy, and execute it. After all, even the best strategy, if not executed flawlessly, is doomed to fail. A sound strategy, on the other hand, if executed immaculately, has the potential to transform an organisation.

When is it?
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Where is it?
The Address Dubai Marina

What time?
9AM – 5PM (Registration starts at 8:15AM)

What is the investment?
Investment Per Delegate

To register:
+971 4 420 5599